Mark Twain”s short story of “one million pounds” is a very good work. The article on the “money is everything,” “money is omnipotent,” the idea of a satire, to expose the ugly face of capitalist society.

“One million pounds” is about a poor, honest man, that is, the heroine of this story has received a pair of brothers, the letter sent to him inside one million pounds. The brothers had made a bet, gambling, if a poor, honest people who come knocking on the door received the one million pounds, he will be what kind of results? Brother that he would starve to death because he could not prove that the money was his own, will be subject to other people”s doubts, and even the banks do not let him save money. His younger brother that he would lead a very good, and therefore they have the brothers of one million pounds will be loaned to check the poorest people, and spent 30 days abroad. Did not expect that during this period of time, people have the rare fortune suddenly rich, has tried to cozy up to him, from the free food, buy clothes, free accommodation, like a beggar, like to please him, and continue to improve his social status until the exception of the highest outdoor Wang Duke on! Not only that, he also has been a good wife and 30,000 pounds of bank interest, and finally from two brothers got a very good job. Lived a very, very happy life.

See here, I am so envious of the “lucky” heroine, but at the same time I would like to: people reason to curry favor with him, not just because when people value money too it? Worship of money is shameful and should not be reaping more! Money is not omnipotent, the world than money, there are many more important things … …






In this summer holidays, I read a book called < Great Expectations>, it was written by Charles Dickens, one of the most famous English writers. He wrote lots of wonderful novels. This book is one of his compositions.

People always like to compare with their friends. It is a big foible of all the people. If other people have a lot of money, we also want to be rich. If all the people around us are poor , we never mind that we are very poor, too. we will not ashamed because of our folly. This is a social problem.

If we never possess anything, we will not mind we lost some thing. Since we don’t want to be very rich ,we will not feel despond because poor.

The protagonist of this novel is Pip (Handel)。 His parents died when he was a baby. His sister had brought him up ‘by hand’。 His sister married to Joe Gargery, the village blacksmith. They didn’t have much money, and Pip never went to school to study. But he was often very happy .Because all of his friends are like him. It isn’t very unfortunate to them, this is their lives. But by a chance, Pip helped a convict; he gave much food to him. Then he met Miss Havisham, a very strange old woman and she was very rich.

Four years later, Miss Havisham wants Pip to be removed from his home and educated as a gentleman who expects inherit a fortune when he grow up.

After hearing that . Pip started to despise his poor friends. He even feel ashamed because he live with the poor man . Pip’s ‘great expectations’ destroyed his life.

This novel told us that we cannot compare with others .Don’t feel envy at the others money. And if one day you be very rich , please don’t despise your poor friends.



This film tells us a story about how a common panda becomes a real dragon warrior.


At the beginning,the Master Shifu did not believe that the panda can be a courageous dragon warrior.


Through the panda’s persistence,he win Master Shifu’s acceptance.


Master Shifu tries his best to train the panda into a real warrior according to Master Wugu’s instruction.


Finally,the panda succeeded in beating their biggest enemy——the tiger.


This movie tells us that:every difficulty can be overcome as long as you tried your utmost persistently.


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